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Website Terms of Use for U.S. Businesses

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Think of a website terms of use (also known as a terms of service) as the contract between you and your website visitors. 

It tells them what they are expected to do while on your website, and shows them what they can expect from you, too. If any issues were to ever arise with a visitor (yes, it has happened before), you can point to the terms within your terms of service that serve to protect your position and defend you. 

Another reason is that if the visitor operates out of line you have justification to terminate their access to the platform. Think about all of those social media accounts that get banned every day. These social media platforms justify terminating or suspending these accounts because they violated some term within their terms of use. 

Using this template can help get your website's "rules of engagement" started out on the right foot.  

Our motto is that a business should never have to choose between growth and protection. Whether your budget is tight or you're just starting out, using this template will give you a solid foundation without the time and dollar investment it takes to work with an attorney one-on-one. Custom contracts from The Reel Law Firm PLLC start at a minimum investment of $2,500.