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Website Privacy Policy for U.S. Businesses

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Every website needs one, whether it collects information from visitors through a contact us form or through the use of web cookies and beacons. How you collect, store, use and share website visitor information is important. Just as important, is letting the visitor know how you handle this stuff, too. 

This template privacy policy for U.S. businesses is a great foundation for you to work from. It will give you the opportunity to dive into your data collection, retention and protection practices to see if how you're handling this stuff is consistent with how you're telling your website visitors you're handling it. 

Our motto is that a business should never have to choose between growth and protection. Whether your budget is tight or you're just starting out, using this template will give you a solid foundation without the time and dollar investment it takes to work with an attorney one-on-one. Custom contracts from The Reel Law Firm PLLC start at a minimum investment of $2,500.