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Independent Contractor Agreement

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One of the most strategic ways to grow is through hiring independent contractors. Delegating projects to these folks can be rewarding (both financially and mentally). 

Work your way through this template independent contractor agreement and customize it to fit your project(s) needs. This template includes optional and substitute language that fits most arrangements, including those that vest intellectual property rights in the hiring business, and those that just carve out a license to the hiring business (while ownership stays with the contractor). 

***Please Note: Not all states permit the use and hiring of independent contractors. Please seek counsel to determine if you are able to bring independent contractors into your business. This template is intended for use only by those businesses who are permitted to use and hire independent contractors. 

Our motto is that a business should never have to choose between growth and protection. Whether your budget is tight or you're just starting out, using this template will give you a solid foundation without the time and dollar investment it takes to work with an attorney one-on-one. Working one-on-one with us starts with a minimum investment of $2,500.